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Violins Lyrics + Download

Violins by Na Style Jaa | Download (right click and save as)
Yeah, they told me to forget about everything
But I couldn’t forget about you.
Oh when the violence rules all my memories,
I just hope the violins play too.
(I just hope the violins play too)

Yeah I got a dirty past,
I guess it couldn’t last,
Now she’s just a vision, I’m in prison can’t turn back.
Grew up as a farm boy, man I miss dad
But times are hard in 1936, can’t forget that.
Now it’s brick walls (topped with barbed wire)
And the sky falls (when I’m looking at my wrists I’m tired).
Think I wanna cut myself and end the mess
But I want one kiss from the woman in the red dress (when I’m free).

In one day of violence I only talk in silence
until I realized the situation that I’m in
the girl I confide in, is outside my confinements
so until then I’m in my mind where I can fly in
where I have peace and sanction from the streets
I think I’ll be here until the time that Im deceased
I pray on my knees, pray to God for my life
someday I’ma send him a letter, when I learn to write
but thats a different fight, not today – no way
I’m hopeful for the day that my babies here to stay
but now I got bars and cold shoes for pillows
cuza gold bars, cold pills, and dealers
“im not doin this no more!”
I want a wife and kids
to make me feel warm when I come home to my crib
I give it all I got to give, I can’t give a little more!
Dreamin bout a bed when I was sleepin on the floor.

We used to go to the dances
Drink at speakeasies with the jazz hits.
She could see me as a kid, not the criminal I was.
Depression had the U.S. it didn’t have us (now it does).
(I remember) all the people that I shot.
(I remember) thinking I was strong when I was not
(I remember) every god damn second, every minute of this pain
But now I guess this pain is what I got.

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