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Vietnam’s the Bomb off of Violins EP. [Lyrics, Video and Download]

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I siege through Vietnam and im partial to the Marshall.

Feelin real parched as I march, so far so good!

Thought I had problems in the hood

But now im running out of water

as I wander through the fuckin woods.

Woosh! And the elephants spray me,

Things get hazy when realities shaky.

What the fuck is that, a girl? Hi young lady!

Don’t mind me im just a motherfuckin crazy vetran

Stuck in Vietnam.

You know how much acid and diesel and gas that im fuckin on?

Shit, and now I start to see things

She walks like a penguin and her breasts are fuckin sequins.

HELP! Somethings fucking scary.

American’t you help me with the weight that I carry?


Fuck Vietnam, this is over and I’m done with it

Cant even think all I hear is the gun spittin

Fresh out of bootcamp, it aint easy

you cant spend one week in my boots

wheres the noose man

bout to blow my head off

or leave and go AWOL

one more dead officer to go, I hate it all

I’m the supply guy there aint nothin to it

didn’t stock their bullets and I murdered my whole unit


Politics aside im at home with my family

I voted for the conflict

Now the hippies cannot stand me

Cause I’m really manly

Im a war hawk

I’d rather make war not love

Dropping orange from above

As I sign the bill

You know I will

Support the force

And use whatever course you need

To succeed in the battle

We travelled too far

And we never lose a war

cause the US is who we are


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