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Space Ark by Na Style Jaa. [LYRICS + DOWNLOAD LINK]

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Animals in Space Shuttle:

All my animals c’mere and join the party
there aint much room, blame it on the hippopotomy
owls turnin heads, at least they don’t steer
if ya stomach rumble – try the dead elephant ear
the ships like a zoo, its cramped and it sucks
the black cats passed but were still havin bad luck
quit monkeyin around, space is our home
can anybody tell me why the chicken crossed the black hole
snakes charmin ladies, everybody else mad
beavers got their own side of the shop – damn
humans gave us no food, nothin to eat
alligators ate the cows legs now hes ground beef
horse got a long face, kangaroos jumpin
the bees brought the mead, now everybodys buzzin
all the bunnies humpin 2, 4, 8, 10
the pandas were right, well be extinct in the end man


Ohhh, and they sent us into space.
and I dont know why but im getting this feeling
that somehow its over for us.


My flippers tremble
Sweta runs down my little head
they should have made the lion in charge
they choose me instead
I dread
that I must lead life
across the universe
to a place thats right
I be
up all night
maning this ship
I’d like to take a break
enjoy a nice dip
in the artic water
but thats a distant thought
now I don’t bother
I mostly live on land alot
heres my spot
as captain of the space craft
which creature I am?
do the math
I’m an emperior penguin
and I know we can’t win
but I gotta hold this ship down
for the legs and the fins


Mad Inventor:

Im a mad scientist and the year is 2099
It sounds like their making stories
but im in my underwater laberatory
the worlds covered with the aqua
poler ice caps melt when it gets hot you know?
So i gotta get the Animals, and i send them into space
save the human race. Its like the future of Noah’s ark
I wonder how the fish will sleep when the dogs bark!

Na Style Jaa, NastyRapMusic.com, artwork and all related media copyright © 2011