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Some Say Tomato, Some Say N.A.T.O. – Na Style Jaa



American Citizen:
this the cold war frose so noone movin
i got a question who the hell is winnin who is losin
mr truman gotta stop the socialist movement
nuclear threats escalate i dont see improvement
but i see the shipments of the marshal plans assistence
USA invadin again even though it aint our business
or is it Koreas gotta stableize
Ho Chi Mihn is gettin out of hand, Suprize!
Invasion, red dawn for the asians
you know we’ve used a nuke on a different occasion
you missin my point Stalins just hatin
Blockade with Nato what yall Russians be makin?

who da warsaw pact 1 2 1 2
glued east germany, poland, czech and sov u
you screw me, youll hear the whole crew
we threaten bombs NATO what say you
huh, N A T O, speakin big words
ya see if it aint for me-yo youd be kicked to the curb
of the, Communist Bloc, europe on lock
seven days to river rhine, ay whatchu thinka my plot

NATO Resident:
nato lets go
for the west side
aint no big brother around
i feel some good vibes
we hug the atlantic
from baltimore to barcelona
man i wanna
open up a small business
no goverment hit list
no kgb
so watch me glee
cause im proud to be
a resident of nato
cause they let me keep mad dough
this dough i call capital
sure, not all my people making bank
but i still thank god
that i own my land
nato on my back now kid ya understand

phone lines ringin, headquarters sorta thinkin
for the moment, hold it, we is
in a cold war sorta seizin
for a good reason, red bomb buttons on pause
treaty see me pleasin, cuz im seasoned for the long haul
one call and im gonna blow em all
up to the stars, cant come down – dont fall
hold up YEAH wait for a minute
if i drop the bomb then the whole world gon b killin it

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