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Na Style Jaa – Electric Toothbrushes [Music Video + Lyrics + Download]

Electric Toothbrushes by Na Style Jaa | Download (Right Click and Save As)

Electrify. Intensify. A rinse and a spinner and I’m satisfied
Keep spinnin and spinnin and spinnin and spit it
I spin it when I spit it. I spin it when I spit it. I spin it when I spit it. Get it?

I got my flat rims, I got my black rims
and these rims get my gums everytime my dope toothbrush spins
cuz it’s gold and icy. now I don’t get toothaches when I drink my motherfuckin ice tea
pretty please, you know I please a lot of women
but my tongue don’t spin as fast as my electric toothbrush spinnin
winnin everyday cuz my teeth be white
since 1954 we be hittin it right – money.

I’m satisfied
My toothbrush is alive
I strive to get the perfect smile
Hold up my toothbrushes charging
this might take awhile
the style i prefer is electric not manual
yknow i love electric its my paradise like Sanibel
I gotta kill this plaque so I won’t hold back
I put the electric on attack
yo my toothbrush may sound wack
but in fact, it gets the job done
man I gotta say that my toothbrush number one
my teeth get really clean when my electric toothbrush run

Brace yourself Jimmy, there’s a new toothbrush for the lettuce
in between your teeth, ya I’m ya dentist
I grind all day, fillin’ me? I’m the boss
I retain the crown. You leanin back while I floss
you know the drill, I don’t have to write this
I recommend electric when fightin that gingivitis
never knew it would be like this, the root issue’s gettin frightinin
the kids don’t use electric when brightenin their natural whiteness.

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