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Na Style Jaa – Earthquakes with Lyrics, Download, and Player

EarthQuakes by Na Style Jaa | Download (right click and save as)

We can hold hands.
As it all falls down
isnt that right?
as it all falls down
we can hold hands

Feel the earth quake.
the tides shake.
my eyes wait a second cuz I’m second place
take just a minute just to take it in
my names 19 let the records spin, but now
my worlds spinnin gettin fast gettin faster
should have checked twice on the nuclear reactor
guess we didn’t though.
I got a shaky flow.
shaky don’t wake me like this earth quake does though.
you know, I’m ready to die
lived to long on this earth, say goodbye.
The sand and the static of the radio,
couldn’t hold it all, so we let it go…

Shake shake shakin’
Another earthquakin’
The readers don’t see her
But the rumble means shes coming
So does she want something
Like a Nasty CD
“civil war party!”
hardly the case
cause the mayor worked the hardest
to clean up the garbage
irrelevant now
girl the cities gone crazy like its got mad cow
somehow I don’t panic
I planned this
Under a doorway
I stick like glue for a minute or two
Cause that’s what im told to do
So im listening
Im wishing that I see it through
New city starts tomorrow
The clean ups gone be hard though

We can hold hands.
As it all falls down
isnt that right?
as it all falls down
we can hold hands

rumble rumble in my tummy, im hungry
my whole body shakin but this day looks lovely
my coffee is black and its stirrin itself
the waves are great for surfers and i picked up a cool shell
apparently its rush hour or something
everybody movin and the bass keeps bumpin
the dude in the corner cant play jenga at all
he pulls out a piece and the bricks all fall
I thought my turntables didnt work no more
we put on a record and it spun a cool story
my alphabet soups lookin like a word shake
i flipped on the news, todays great for an earthquake

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