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Danny Boy by Na Style Jaa NastyRapMusic.com

Danny Boy, You’ve Done It Again! by Na Style Jaa | Download (Right Click and Save As)

Here you go Danny
You have to make noise
Now you have to answer
To the big boys
Come your way
Price to pay
On your ass all day
No rest for the wicked
Twisted and sinister
You got the town buzzing
From the merchant to the minister
Its finished danny done
Your surrounded sir we won
We put the gun done Danny
And get into the car
We”ll get you help you need
And we’ll take you real far
Away, betray all the crime you we’re committing
Now you’re sitting here in prison
Time Danny’s doing
For his dime bad dealing
Is taking time from family
Granny and little sis
Miss big brother
And after ten years
He returns to another
World that he left
Now that granny’s gone and different songs
Play on the radio
Blast on the radio
Jam on the radio
80s yo and here we go

Smoke blowin in the wind of the city no danny didn’t know
No danny didn’t tell me did he.
Its not the shit he’d pack up in a bowl
as he’d roll up to the club 86 sanfransisco.
California was the best then
Had to deal dope like a boss to get arrested
Gettin locked was the least of his worries,
Had to rush around in his firebird swirving.
Got a dime on his right doing coke lines,
Wine bottles poppin models objects that he don’t have to buy.
Yeah, but that’s the voice of the city.
They say the devil ain’t real but we’re writing hisstory aren’t we?

danny got that coke
danny got that blow
danny knows how to run through the hoes
5 dollas for a line or a bump
he says ‘theres sharks in these waters, sellin weed is for the chumps’
so you know this one time that I told this one guy
that danny got it locked up down in NY
he took it as a challenge and he started some beef
danny heard the word on the streets and gathered his team
rumble in the club put an end to the night life
guns got drawn and it ended in a fire fight
started a party, ended in a tired night
‘let me get some coke!’ my boy danny got that fire white
seargent Bilth’s on his trail and hes riding his ass
danny got the soft.ricky ross got the crack
then danny got caught and it all went to hell
the courts sentence? 10 years in jail

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