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Black Eyed Bees – Na Style Jaa Rap Music

lyrics to our rap music for black eyed bees:

ROAR these fuckin bees have heard that before
im a fuckin black bear and I dont care
thick hair that i wear on my damn back
protects me from the honey bees, when im startin my attack

Bee Brad:
the hives productive today,
I got honey to make
its like money its great
whats the buzz, bee jake?

Bee Jake:
well ya see, I’m happy for the hive
and im glad to be alive
but im feelin yellow (how so?)
well ya know,
im still havin nightmares
from the bear attack,
about a week ago

Bee Brad:
yknow thats beeswax, it stings me to hear
it was a fluke accident that happened in that branch right there so we moved here

Bee Jake:
well i fear, we’re only four branches away
from the spot where the accident happened that day
yeah, well anyway
the new hive is way bigger
we be makin more honey than we did in the last hive,
but that doesnt jive with me
i be thinkin that the bears want our honey

Bee Brad:
Our sweet nectar? I doubt it.
bears dont come around here lookin fo dat honey very often
he coulda been coughin or yawnin
honestly its a new dawn and
i combed the hive we bee buildin, so stop it

Bee Jake:
oh i got it,
bee brad your probably right
why should i be worried for there are no bears in sight

full frontal on the tree as i climb it
i sneak up on the black and yellow bastards
dont see me im behind it
grab the nest with the claw, paw, nature is the only law
i follow, the nest it aint hollow
drippin down golden and sweet,
i barrel down the tree now its time to eat, see?

Na Style Jaa, NastyRapMusic.com, artwork and all related media copyright © 2011