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8th Grade Party! [Lyrics and Download Link]

8th Grade Party by Na Style Jaa | Download (Right click and save as)

Hit the bass cuz the bass how its goin,
Rep 8th grade get paid fuck ho’s
And im on my swag and you know im poppin bottles
Let my echoes sag and my 8th grade bitches follow.
Uh and you know I like the lean pussy,
95 pounds beat your ass if you try and push me.
Flowin like Drake but I make more money,
Funny how your trick bike jacked last Sunday!
Roll tide, you aint my friend dog
Saw you at the mall with the moms
Real talk! Word…
And I don’t give a fuck about my grades though
Teacher call me out, Ill knock him out in the face yo.
Man, my flat bill make me messy
Ace of the chronic when the councilor test me.
Never get the best of me, I best the girls
8th grade dance, fuck you
Fuck the world.

The boys comin over after baseball practice
Ive had it, man I’m makin out tonight with Melinda
I know she saw me on the game that I pitched
I’m wearin Abercrombie & Fitch
as I enter the dance, middle school cafteria
place for romance – hair spiked like shards
as I’m dancing with these females, bro I’m gettin a hard
darn, now it’s over. Glad I went. 5 Dollars well spent.

Mikeys the DJ – this guy’s got an iPod
I just answered a text sent from my mom
I’m at Jake’s, yeah his parents are home
Little did she know, HIS PARENTS ARENT HOME!
So I resume groovin, dancin’ it to ‘My Humps’
I’m really fuckin wasted, it’s my first time drunk.
(whoop whoop) and the cops are here!
get our your homework and hide the beer
I’m the biggest kid in class so I jump their fence
The rest of em had to call home to their parents
Drunk drove my bike, thought I got it home safe man
but my mom got a call from my homeboy Jake’s dad.
(Fuck you Jake)

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